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¿Quièn inventò el Segway?

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Dean Kamen is a leading American scientist and inventor whose products include the Segway human transporter (HT) and the iBOT battery-powered wheelchair. His numerous inventions include medical devices and futuristic gizmos that Kamen hopes will revolutionize the way we live and travel. Whenever Kamen introduces a new product, people take notice, and they eagerly anticipate the next one. His newest creation? A nonpolluting, low-power water-purifying system designed for use in underdeveloped countries. Time magazine called it one of the “coolest inventions of 2003.” A modern-day EdisonDean Kamen was born in 1951, in Rockville Center, Long Island, New York. His father, Jack, was an illustrator for Weird Science and Mad comic books; his mother, Evelyn, was a teacher. Kamen began tinkering with gadgets when he was fairly young. He claims that when he was five years old he invented a way to make his bed without running fr…

¿La Raza Humana... o la 'farsa humana'?

LOS PUNTOS SOBRE LAS 'ÍES'Al aumento descontrolado de la ignorancia voluntaria y consensada, se le denomina o conoce mejor como  la”Farsa Humana” .PREGUNTA:¿Què es el ‘humano fallido’?HUMO SAPIENS FALLIDO – HUMANO FALLIDO – INDIVIDUO FALLIDO – CIUDADANO FALLIDO   Es todo aquel individuo carente de la visiòn necesaria para desarrollar su potencial intelectual, y que opta por dejarse arrastrar por sus impulsos màs bestiales o primitivos por encontrarlos màs còmodos.MY HOMEWORK NETWORK * NON-PROFIT LEARNING RING * LANGUAGES – AUTO-GESTION DEL APRENDIZAJE – PROF JML – MEXICO

Aprende idiomas leyendo periodicos y revistas * When you learn English, you have to learn in whole sentences and in context * Learn languages by reading newspapers and magazines * Imprime diariamente de 10 a 40 renglones de algún texto o noticia interesante o curiosa en tu idioma. Subraya de 10 a 40 palabras (según tu disponibilidad). Anótalas en columna en el espacio disponible abajo del texto o en el reverso d…