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¿Qué es lo que puedo aportar para el bienestar de mi prójimo?

What is you Contribution Equation? Culture, Entrepreneurship, Generosity, Inspiration, Life    . I like math – I always have and always will. I often think in equations. For many things I do, I crank out a quick ROI calculation in my head – mostly subconsciously and instantaneously, but I do it. As many of you know, I left Leverage Software on October 27th. Since my departure I have been trying to determine how I want to split my time between earning, helping entrepreneurs and giving back philanthropically. .. Math After meeting a bunch of awesome people at Summit Series, spending a bit of time with Tim Ferris and Scott Harrison from Charity Water and generally thinking about how I want to spend my time I have defined my Contribution Equation (and created a new term in the process, I suppose). I am defining the Contribution Equation as the formula for how I spend my time professionally and philanthropically. It considers working hours only – let’s assume 50 hours per week. It doesn’t incl…